The Holistic Benefits Of Indoor Plants


Indoor plants can brighten up any room whether it is a hospital, restaurant or home. They can also naturally purify the air as well as offering fantastic health properties.  Here are several ways that indoor plants, in various environments, can benefit your well being:

Purifies the air and prevents indoor pollution

Several studies have revealed that environmental chemicals present in the air such as volatile organic carbons (VOC’s) are linked to cancer, liver, kidney and central nervous system damage.

These harmful gases in the air are caused by products such as grocery bags, paper towels, printing inks, carpets and furniture, all of which can be found at home, the office or a restaurant. Indoor plants can get rid of these toxins as they can stabilise and purify the air.

Prevents illness and improves the healing process

When you are stuck in a hospital with an illness, you hope that your body can make a speedy recovery so you can enjoy life again. Your body’s defence system is down when you are ill meaning that you are an easy target for germs and allergens.

A University of Agriculture study in Norway revealed that indoor plants can lessen tiredness, sore-throats and cold-related illnesses by around 30% as they increase humidity levels and restrict dust in a room.

Indoor plants can also help calm your nerves as its living presence can soothe your mind. People can feel happier and more optimistic as a result of these plants. Studies have demonstrated that patients in a hospital recover quicker if their window has a garden view.

A good night’s sleep can also help you feel refreshed and re-energised the next day. Indoor plants such as Gerbera daisies is known for producing large volumes of oxygen at night so that you can benefit from this type of air while you sleep.

Enables a better work ethic

As well as decreasing the possibility of fatigue, indoor plants in a workplace can stimulate creativity and productivity in employees. Everyone dreads that period of the afternoon, just after lunch, when your brain refuses to function and you lose your enthusiasm for your job.

Indoor plants can make your energy and enthusiasm last throughout the day as they can help employees constantly feel positive about their work and passions. Other research in a piece of rehabilitation literature demonstrated that if employees are no more than 45 feet away from an indoor plant, their attitude towards work will be more positive.

Can improve the profits in a restaurant or similar environment

When we are closer to greenery, we feel more comfortable in our environment. We are also less stressed when plants are around us and will be happy to continue being in that environment.

Restaurants can take advantage of this as they use indoor plants to keep people happier for longer periods of time. This means that they will be happy to order more food and might even opt for all three courses of a meal.

Indoor plants are great for any type of environment whether it is your home, workplace or a restaurant. Various plants have many useful properties and so when investing in indoor plants; you would need to think about how you can use them in a room. Do you notice the benefits of plants in your workplace?