We Found a Nice Little House

We have been saving our money for a good while and we have figured out that we can go ahead and buy a house if we do not aim to get everything we want all at once. We found a tiny little house in a nice quiet neighborhood and realized that we had more than enough money to cover the down payment on it. We have already gone on the web to see which electric company we can choose in this location and we have started looking at how practical it would be to build an addition to the house. I do not have much idea how to do this sort of thing, but a lot of the in laws are in the construction trades. My father in law is a primary contractor and he could build us a house, but he seemed to like this place a lot. Of course the thing they like most about this house is that it is nearly within walking distance of their home. It would literally take around three minutes to drive from his house to this address. Since we are going to have a baby in about six months, the soon to be grandparents are going to want to be able to drop by and check out the new grandchild any time that they want. In fact he does not see why this house can not be enlarged fairly easily. It has a relatively large garage built on it and it you wanted to do it you could convert this into an addition. There is not any reason you could not build a nice size loft above it either. He is working on an estimate for us, but there is not any hurry. The main thing is whether or not it can be done at a reasonable cost.